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Pink Lane Coffee

Peru, Melvin Campos

Peru, Melvin Campos

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Country: Peru
Region: Utcubamba, Amazonas
Varietal: Typica
Process: Lactic anoxic natural
Altitude: 1600

This Coffee is produced by Melvin Campos Inga, from the village of Fátima in the Lonya Grande District, part of the Utcubamba Province, in the Amazonas Region. He is part of the Norcafe cooperative. He has been cultivating different varietals over the years but now focuses mainly on Typica, which he has been familiar with for most of his life. Melvin’s coffee undergoes a lactic anaerobic fermentation process, whereby the cherries, with water, are sealed without oxygen for a 68 hours. After the fermentation process, the cherries are taken directly to a solar dryer (solar tent) where they are dried for 30 days, allowing the sugars to develop slowly. This method is specifically chosen to produce a coffee with a creamy mouthfeel and body.


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