Collection: Speciality Coffee

Our speciality coffee uses the highest quality single-origin beans. Single-origin beans deliver on flavour, are sustainable and traceable back to the farm. And while coffee blends can include cheaper beans in the mix,  with single-origin coffee roasted with care, there’s nowhere to hide.  

Our coffee lineup changes regularly as our in-house roastery team works closely with suppliers to source the best seasonal coffees, then roast, taste and adjust to allow the unique flavour profile of each coffee to shine through. 

You won’t often see us using terms like Fairtrade or Organic, but that’s not because we don’t believe in them. These certifications work for bigger suppliers and bigger companies but not for our small coffee farmers. The price we pay is always higher than the Fairtrade price, and while our suppliers may farm organically, they haven’t gone through the certification process.