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Ethiopia, Mensur Abahika

Ethiopia, Mensur Abahika

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Producer: Mensur Abahika
Location: Jimma
Elevation: 2,000 masl
Process: Natural
Variety: JARC 74110 

Taste: Lime, orange, floral

Mensur Abahika is the husband of Nesru Aba Nura, whos coffee we purchased last year.

Mensur is a key component of the Tokuma Farmer Group. The Tokuma group is a collective of farmers in Western Ethiopia who have organised to market and export their coffees together and share knowledge with each other that allows them to each improve quality. Over the past five years we have seen overall quality and consistency improve year over year within this group, and Mensur is key to this success.

Jimma was historically known for low quality naturally processed coffees. In 2009, Technoserve, an international nonprofit that seeks to implement business solutions to poverty, began working with Coops in the area to teach them how to wash their coffees and produce specialty quality coffee. For the past decade, the area has been known as one of the top quality producing regions in Ethiopia. It is only recently that specialty minded producers in Jimma have sought to produce top quality naturals. It is even more recently, with the relaxing of restrictions surrounding who can market and export their coffees directly to importers , that small to medium sized single producers have been able to market their coffees.


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