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Costa Rica, Cerro San Luis - SL28

Costa Rica, Cerro San Luis - SL28

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Country: Costa Rica
Farm: Cerro San Luis Micromill
Location: West Valley
Elevation: 12,00-1900 masl
Process: Yellow Honey
Variety: SL-28
Taste: Tamarind, cherry, molasses


The Cerro San Luis Micromill is run by two siblings and their husbands who own and operate the farm and a small mill in Grecia in the West Valley. This region is known for is complex microclimates, and the range of different coffee varieties grown. This coffee is an SL-28, which originated in Kenya, known for its juicy, berry-like flavours.

Honey Processing is common in Costa Rica, this is a Yellow Honey Processed coffee, meaning the mucilage is partly removed from the cherries before they are left on raised beds to dry. 

Microlots from Costa Rica are typically sourced from producers who have invested not only in growing their farms, but also in building and operating their own processing facilities, typically called "micromills." Micromills usually yield fewer than 1,000 bags annually, and are often independently owned by a family or small group of producers. 

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