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Colombia, Wilson Alba - Pink Bourbon

Colombia, Wilson Alba - Pink Bourbon

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Producer: Wilson Alba Cordoba
Farm: Sierra Morena
Location: Jordan, Palestina, Huila
Elevation: 1700 - 1800masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed

Taste: Pink grapefruit, berry, floral


This is our 5th consecutive year buying coffee from Wilson Alba, and we think this is the best yet. It’s bright and juicy with a pink grapefruit acidity. Delicious as a filter but you’ll also find it on the espresso in our cafe.

Sierra Morena has been in the family for generations, starting with Wilson's grandfather who owned 6 hectares. Over the years, Wilson's father inherited the farm and expanded it by purchasing land from neighbors. All of Wilson's 5 sons grew up on the farm and were actively involved in its operations, leading them to acquire additional land together.

Wilson has lived and worked with his brother Jose, who we very recently bought coffee from, on the farm Sierra Morena for the past 15 years. Most of the land is dedicated to the Pink Bourbon variety with the remaining land growing Tabi.

In 2003, the family decided to transition from coffee production to fruit farming. Despite this change, Wilson remained dedicated to the farm. In 2016, he discovered the world of specialty coffee and decided to revive the family's coffee tradition by planting approximately 6 hectares of coffee. Since then, the quality of his coffee has consistently improved and produces the best pink bourbon coffee we have tasted.

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon is a relatively new variety which has become popular in Colombia, especially in the Huila region. It was initially thought to be a natural hybrid of the red and yellow bourbon varieties. However, recent genetic testing has discovered that it may in fact be an Ethiopian Landrace. Though the name Pink Bourbon has stuck it may not even be related to the Bourbon variety at all. It is not clear how this variety reached Colombia from Ethiopia, theories include, that it was brought to be a parent for a hybrid, or that someone attempting to bring the Gesha variety was actually carrying pink bourbon.


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