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Rwanda - Rugali - Washed Burbon

Rwanda - Rugali - Washed Burbon

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This washing station purchases coffee from approximately 140 families around the area. The approach to sorting and processing at the washing station is very well managed. Once the cherry is delivered to the station is it hand-sorted, floated, pulped and then fermented for 12 hours. Multiple techniques are applied to remove floaters and defect beans including identifying potential potato defects. Coffee is then laid out to dry on terraced raised beds for an average of 21 days.

This is the first coffee we have bought from Raw Material. Their work in Rwanda takes place through working closely with Muraho Trading Company. This partnership helps affiliate cooperatives increase their quality of production, fetch a higher price for their coffee, and introduces them to new markets.

Raw Material has developed a fixed-price payment model specific to the value chain in Rwanda. This will be a continuous work in progress in the coming years, as they gain a greater understanding of the particular challenges Rwandan coffee producers face.

A great example of a Rwandan coffee with softer acidity, balanced profile, and a creamy body.