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Ethiopia - Bale Mountain - Israel Degfa - Natural Heirloom

Ethiopia - Bale Mountain - Israel Degfa - Natural Heirloom

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This release marks the third year running we have bought the beautiful coffees from producer Israel Degfa. Following last year's success with his Bale Mountain and Uraga we have now also added his very unique “Debeka” and his Anaerobic fermented “Ansora” to our autumn offer list.

This exclusive coffee is situated in an isolated region in Bale Mountain which is hard to reach by road due to the treacherous terrain. The soil it is grown in is rich with plenty of forest humus. It is a highly unique micro-lot as the coffee is grown and processed on-site of the farm.

Israel focuses on sustainability programs and second payment for his growers which ultimately promotes better quality coffee. Being very particular with his quality control where they carefully select the cherries, slowly dry the coffees on raised beds, and practice meticulous processing methods all add to a better quality cup.

This coffee is very clean and structured. sweet notes of floral honey lead to a lime-like acidity and a delicate floral finish.