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Colombia - Monteblanco - Cold Fermented - Pink Bourbon
Colombia - Monteblanco - Cold Fermented - Pink Bourbon

Colombia - Monteblanco - Cold Fermented - Pink Bourbon

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Finca Monteblanco, 18 hectares located high along the winding mountain roads of Vereda Tocora in the San Adolfo municipality above Pitalito, is a family farm managed by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia. 

In the early 2000’s Rodrigo noticed a different variety on his farm. The leaves were broader and the cherries a pink/ orange color and the cup profile was similar to Gesha. This was the beginning of Pink Bourbon lot separation. 

In 2014, Rodrigo planted three hectares of Pink Bourbon and was delighted with its adaptability, productivity, and resistance to leaf rust.

A year later Rodrigo started experimenting with cold fermentation. The process starts with depulping the freshly harvested cherries and directly transferring them to a refrigerator to extend fermentation, resulting in more complex flavors. All the advanced processing is done on Rodrigo's own wetmill and drying facilities at the top of the farm. 

We are super excited to share this unique, exclusive and beautifully processed coffee! Expect a very complex cup with notes of mango, melon passion fruit apple and kiwi! 



Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia

Finca Monteblanco

Pink Bourbon

Cold Fermentation
76hrs refrigeration in grain pro at 10-13 degrees
Fully washed 
3 days drying with Solar dryer 
23-25 days drying on raised beds 
20 days storage in grain pro bags. 

Year-round, peaks in June/July and October/November