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Pink Lane Coffee

Colombia, José Ever Muñoz

Colombia, José Ever Muñoz

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Producer: José Ever Muñoz
Farm: La Esperanza
Region: Huila
Altitude: 1600masl
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Taste: Cherry, sweet, dark fruits


This amazing coffee was the winner of our import partner, Osito's copa de Oro competition. 

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon is a relatively new variety which has become popular in Colombia, especially in the Huila region. It was initially thought to be a natural hybrid of the red and yellow bourbon varieties. However, recent genetic testing has discovered that it may in fact be an Ethiopian Landrace. Though the name Pink Bourbon has stuck it may not even be related to the Bourbon variety at all. It is not clear how this variety reached Colombia from Ethiopia, theories include, that it was brought to be a parent for a hybrid, or that someone attempting to bring the Gesha variety was actually carrying pink bourbon.

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