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Brazil - São Carlos - Natural red & yellow Catuai

Brazil - São Carlos - Natural red & yellow Catuai

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We are super excited to present this beautiful Brazilian micro-lot from the Amorim family. São Carlos is perfectly situated on the periphery of the volcanic caldera in the region of Poços de Caldas with a very unique microclimate. The terroir, climate, and altitude are very well suited for producing specialty coffees with distinct profiles.

The farm is owned and run by the Amorim family since the 1940’s. All coffees are picked by hand with especially motorized hand pickers, separated by density, colour and variety and dried on patios for 7-10 days.

This coffee shows classic notes of chocolate and hazelnut but also with the addition of raspberry jam and nectarine.

Amorim Family

São Carlos

Poços de Caldas, Minas de Gerais

Red & Yellow Catuai

Natural - 10-14 days drying on patios


950-1050 meters