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Colombia - Argelia, Cauca - Washed

Colombia - Argelia, Cauca - Washed

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This fantastic coffee is a mix of lots from various smallholder farmers in Cauca, Colombia. The regional select program was created to highlight the unique profiles from regions and its unique microclimate.

Cauca is situated in the south of Colombia and is known to be one of the coldest regions in the country. This coffee is sourced based on cup quality and character. The Castillo and Colombia varietals were intruduced in 2008 to resist leaf-rust disease, very common in the region. They are both based on the Carturra varietal which represents nearly half of the countrys production. It is a great incentive where the best lots from the region gets picked which enables farmers to attain a higher price for their produce.

This coffee had a great creamy body with notes of chocolate, ripe tropical fruits and a crisp red apple acidity. We recommend this coffee brewed as espresso but also works great as filter brew.  

Various Smallholder Farms

Argelia, Cauca

Castillo, Colombia, Caturra



1200-2000 masl